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Solidarity | Madagascar

Le pouvoir de l’argent sape, peu à peu, l’esprit de corps.

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Does Fair hiring create more esprit de corps and less corruption? | The Economist

The best-known proponent of a new-model, meritocratic civil service was Max Weber, a German sociologist who died in 1920. He envisioned a closed, rigid hierarchy staffed by bureaucrats who entered by examination and enjoyed protected careers. This, he argued, would foster esprit de corps and curb cronyism.There is a fair bit of evidence in favour of the meritocracy Weber championed. Research published in 2011 by Victor Lapuente and Carl Dahlstrom of the University of Gothenburg, and Jan Teorell, of Lund University, looked at which features of a civil service cut jobbery. They found that corruption across 52 countries was correlated with neither civil-service pay levels nor whether jobs were for life. Merit-based hiring was the only aspect of bureaucracies that consistently reduced graft. The connection held in countries at different stages of development, and with different political systems.

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sense of duty versus the civilian world

Konz listened as the couple recounted O’Brien’s architectural career, and how he never found that esprit de corps or sense of duty in the civilian world that he cherished in the military.”I still love the old guys from my service days,” O’Brien said, his eyes distant with memory and vision faded from macular degeneration. “If I think about it too much, I’ll start crying right here. Many of them are not with us today.”

Source: Veterans Affairs program works to ensure that no vet dies alone – Chicago Tribune