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Mother Theresa

You mentioned working with Mother Teresa — now St. Teresa of Calcutta — what was that like for you?

Well, I worked in Kolkata, spending almost two years there, with Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity, learning the culture of India. I will tell you pretty much the whole esprit de corps and the mission of the Missionaries of Charity, and the way they go about their work with love, joy and selflessness, really lifted my own experiences up to a different level.To be honest with you, I have seen that in the work of many religious around the world, even when I started off in Nicaragua, working with the Capuchins in isolated areas, and the Jesuits and other religious communities. I was taken by their commitment to the “other,” and I think Mother Teresa took that to a different level.

Source: How the Catholic Faith and Mother Teresa Prepared CRS’ Incoming President | Daily News |


Mystical communism 

If there is a place for communism and religion to cohabitate, it seems natural that it would be in the eternal reality where ritual and consciousness lie waiting to achieve what the single individual cannot. Literature, theater, arts, and initiation are powerful rituals that communism has used to build esprit de corps. These rituals focus the consciousness of the members on a task. The egregore created by the group is a manifestation of the members’ active consciousness, which can do things that individuals cannot. This phenomenon resembles the power of prayer as practiced among Christians.

Source: The mystical communism of the Bolshevik God-builders | The Christian Century