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Assabiya and Iltiham – Morocco World News

One of the key characteristics of the Moroccan monarchy is its inclusionary aspect. This aspect does not go vertical only but horizontal too. Ibn Khaldoun’s assabiya is crucial here. It is this ´esprit de corps’ this power that comes from up. But in the Moroccan case there is another power that comes from the bottom and that gives this legitimacy. It is called Iltiham. This is a power that binds and welds the base and the crown.

Source: Al Houciema and the Ethnic Entrepreneurs


US Supreme Court as Institution – Bloomberg

With its small staff treading its broad but hushed hallways, the Supreme Court is able to instill in those who work there a sense of common purpose and esprit de corps that cannot possibly be created in a huge bureaucracy.

Source: The Supreme Court Is the Last Leakproof Institution – Bloomberg

German minister blames military esprit de corps | Reuters

Von der Leyen told ZDF television on Sunday night that the arrested officer had written a paper for his Master’s at a military academy that was filled with “primitive racial ideas” that drew initial scrutiny from superiors but were then “whitewashed” in an “ill-advised esprit de corps”.

Source: German minister blames ‘weak’ army leadership after racism case | Reuters