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Canadian police force and androcentrism

Police officers need to be able to trust each other, and if that trust is broken or abused, it creates a dangerous situation in a job where they sometimes have to put their life on the line.The allegations have yet to be proven in court, but there is no doubt that some strong male attitudes persist in traditional male fields like the military and policing. Policing is similar in its training, duties and associated risks as these traditionally male-dominated fields.It demands an esprit de corps, and the creation of a band of brothers to provide a duty of care to each other.But society has changed and it is important that our institutions change with them so that it isn’t a boys’ club, with the resulting intolerance for those who don’t fit the mold.The police force represents us all, whether we are in uniform, or out. That’s something that all officers have to remember.

Source: Editorial: Troubling allegations against our police |


German minister blames military esprit de corps | Reuters

Von der Leyen told ZDF television on Sunday night that the arrested officer had written a paper for his Master’s at a military academy that was filled with “primitive racial ideas” that drew initial scrutiny from superiors but were then “whitewashed” in an “ill-advised esprit de corps”.

Source: German minister blames ‘weak’ army leadership after racism case | Reuters

Esprit de corps and misogyny – The Washington Post

“Esprit de Corps must be blind to gender, sexual orientation, religion, or race in order ensure our future success at home and on the battlefield,” he said. “We remain committed to addressing this issue strategically, on an institutional level that will eradicate attitudes and behaviors that run counter to our core values.”

Source: Frustrated with misogyny, hundreds of female Marines have joined a group pressuring male colleagues to change – The Washington Post