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Business schools USA

Lippman argued that turning business into a profession with educational requirements would lead to “a fellowship of interest, a standard of ethics, an esprit de corps, and a decided discipline… something more than a desire to accumulate and outshine their neighbors.”

Source: An MBA Is Not All It Should Be – Bloomberg


‘Family esprit de corps’

The star of “Witches of East End,” “American Dreams” and “500 Days of Summer” says she understood her family’s esprit de corps when she was only 7.“My dad built the house we grew up in, … we moved in before the walls had gone in. We moved in without hot water. And my parents turned it into this big adventure,” she said.“It showed me different ways of life. We had lived in a really sweet small house. Then my baby brother was born and my dad decided he wanted to build a house. I think that shaped me in understanding the work that goes into, first of all, providing food and shelter and clothes for us, for our family, but also I started to understand that a lot of people didn’t have hot water, like that’s a luxury.“Something in my mind shifted, and I became hyper aware of what goes on around us that maybe I hadn’t been exposed to. I think that shaped my vision of wanting to help other people, too. A lot of kids didn’t have what we had. And we’re all connected. And that was something I remember so vividly.”

Source: Actress Rachel Boston draws on her unique life experiences – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Movies And Television