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Business schools USA

Lippman argued that turning business into a profession with educational requirements would lead to “a fellowship of interest, a standard of ethics, an esprit de corps, and a decided discipline… something more than a desire to accumulate and outshine their neighbors.”

Source: An MBA Is Not All It Should Be – Bloomberg


Corporate management of fun – The Boston Globe

Call it the fun committee, party team, or event entourage, but more workplaces are asking employees to plan everything from cornhole tournaments to cupcake bars. The idea is to give workers a break, help them socialize, and build esprit de corps. But as anyone who has ever volunteered for a fun committee will say, the business of fun is a lot of work.

Source: Being the company fun czar takes plenty of hard work – The Boston Globe

Sundance Institute team

There is certainly no flag that flies over the general store when Redford is “up there,” and yet Sundance is so much the stronghold of his taste, activism and charisma that even when he’s not home, one feels his vigilant presence. The staff is mostly young, with shining faces out of a Gap ad (if you’re middle-aged they may remind you more of Getting Clean for Gene), and they work with an esprit de corps and a commitment to service that only loyalty to an individual, rather than to a paycheck, could inspire. One imagines that the monks on Mount Athos receive their visitors with the same mixture of pride and deference.

Source: Visiting Robert Redford at His Famed Sundance Institute | Architectural Digest