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Army and Political Control – Times India blog

Post-Independence, a change had to occur in the civil-military relationship in a democracy. That political control has to be exercised over the military is a given. But it is also a requirement that there be political oversight over a healthy interaction between the bureaucracy and the military; unfortunately, civilian control has come about to mean bureaucratic control due to the lack of this vital political involvement.Thus, the deep sense of self-esteem that is ingrained in the Forces, and is the basis for the esprit de corps that motivates a soldier to lay his life on the line, has become a casualty; this is a no go area for a fauji and something very difficult for a bureaucrat to understand, unless he has spent time in uniform, or been exposed to the unique military environment for some time.

Source: In a democracy the military should be under political control, but doesn’t have to be under bureaucracy’s thumb – TOI Blogs


London Chefs | The Guardian

Although they are ostensibly Smoking Goat’s rivals, there is also a sense of esprit de corps. They have all known each other for years. Young western cooks are embracing regional Thai cuisine and bringing it to hungry Londoners, says Ed Cumming

Source: Chefs who are loosening the old school Thai | Life and style | The Guardian