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Business schools USA

Lippman argued that turning business into a profession with educational requirements would lead to “a fellowship of interest, a standard of ethics, an esprit de corps, and a decided discipline… something more than a desire to accumulate and outshine their neighbors.”

Source: An MBA Is Not All It Should Be – Bloomberg


The economy of esprit de corps | USA

More organizations are trying similar activities outside of the office in order to build morale. From CrossFit to escape rooms to simulating a catastrophe, team building has become big business for facilities usually frequented by the casual public. In 2012, U.S. companies spent $46 billion on team-building firms, according to the Association for Talent Development.

The economy of esprit de corps isn’t for naught. According to Gallup, disengagement in American organizations accounts for more than $450 billion in lost productivity annually. And with less than a third of employees actively engaged in their work, according to the analytics company’s State of the American Workplace report, losses pile up quickly. Studies by the Queens School of Business and Gallup found profitability, job growth and share price all fell by more than 15 percent in organizations with low employee engagement.

Source: Penn State employees build team spirit with art classes, activities | Centre Daily Times

USA: “Proud of our public servants”

When I served in the U.S. Marine Corps, I was so proud of all the men and women who surrounded me. Then, I spent 30 years working for multinational businesses. I rarely experienced teamwork. It was mostly every woman or man for herself or himself.This year I was selected to serve on the Winter Haven Police Leadership Council. Once again, I felt the esprit de corps of a truly professional organization. The offic

Source: Letter: Proud of our public servants

 Estonia > U.S. Department of Defense

“Bailey’s technical competence is matched by his willingness to go above and beyond to meet the needs of partners and stakeholders, said Army Col. Matthew Tyler, USACE Europe District commander.

“I wish I could fill every district office with a clone of Chris. He’s an emerging leader,” Tyler said. “Chris thrives when given complex and challenging work, and [he’s] an influential informal leader who others look to for guidance and assistance. He’s involved with activities outside of work that promote greater esprit de corps and support the larger community wherever he is.”

Source: Face of Defense: Engineer Becomes ‘One-Man Office’ in Estonia > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Article