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Bodies of culture | Oxford University Press

Body pedagogics build capabilities, habits and specific ways of interpreting and acting in the world that shape people’s experience, knowledge and beliefs. While they can form the basis of an esprit de corps within particular cultures, they can also stimulate differences, oppositions and even violent conflicts between groups.

Source: Bodies of breath, bodies of knowledge, and bodies of culture | OUPblog

‘Pro-abortion esprit de corps’ | NRL News Today

Also, critics of Wasserman Schultz chewed her out for not seeing other evidence of pro-abortion activism among younger women–the “shout your abortion” movement which is intended to remove once and for all the “stigma” of having an abortion, for instance.But while that might build up pro-abortion esprit de corps, it changes nothing in the wider culture.

Source: Pro-abortion “complacency” and Hillary Clinton | NRL News Today