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Dance and esprit de corps – The Mercury News, USA

For Smuin dancer and choreographer Nicole Haskins, her world premiere piece in the company’s “Dance Series 2” is very much about esprit de corps.

Source: Smuin choreographer puts ‘Poetry’ in motion – The Mercury News


esprit de corpse – India Times

Now, I know CIA assassinates people and operates in a very murky and amoral domain. But assassinate its own operatives, just to frame someone? That would certainly spoil its esprit de corps (resembling more of an esprit de corpse, shall we say).

Source: Jason Bourne, Donald Trump and the anti-systems mood – TOI Blogs

Game of Thrones | Slate

“So. Here’s my wish. This is not a prediction or a fan theory—there’s no way this is actually how the series will end. It’s just what I would enjoy most of all. Remember the end of Angel? Our four remaining heroes, united in a rainy alleyway in Los Angeles, facing the legions of hell with no hope of survival but plenty of esprit de corps? A few quips, the fight is joined, and cut to black.”

Source: Here is how Game of Thrones should end, but won’t.

Choir Esprit de Corps award

The Award-winning Windsor High School Choral Department has recently been recognized at the Music in the Parks Festival, an affiliate of The Festivals of Music. The Honors Chorale and the Teens of Praise Gospel Choir both received first place with excellent ratings. The Windsor Choirs received the Esprit de Corps Award.

Source: Community News For The Windsor Edition – Courant Community

London Chefs | The Guardian

Although they are ostensibly Smoking Goat’s rivals, there is also a sense of esprit de corps. They have all known each other for years. Young western cooks are embracing regional Thai cuisine and bringing it to hungry Londoners, says Ed Cumming

Source: Chefs who are loosening the old school Thai | Life and style | The Guardian