Army and Political Control – Times India blog

Post-Independence, a change had to occur in the civil-military relationship in a democracy. That political control has to be exercised over the military is a given. But it is also a requirement that there be political oversight over a healthy interaction between the bureaucracy and the military; unfortunately, civilian control has come about to mean bureaucratic control due to the lack of this vital political involvement.Thus, the deep sense of self-esteem that is ingrained in the Forces, and is the basis for the esprit de corps that motivates a soldier to lay his life on the line, has become a casualty; this is a no go area for a fauji and something very difficult for a bureaucrat to understand, unless he has spent time in uniform, or been exposed to the unique military environment for some time.

Source: In a democracy the military should be under political control, but doesn’t have to be under bureaucracy’s thumb – TOI Blogs

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