Work-life balance – Telegraph

Her boss calls for an ambulance and tells the rest of the team to go home “as long as they return by 9am”. The company sends the woman some flowers with the message “Emma: Get better, get back here soon. Or else.”Everybody in the office finds that message grimly amusing, in keeping with the team’s military esprit de corps – their platoon-like devotion to the cause and their determination to put the shared priorities of their work first, before any personal considerations. If these employees are in relationships, their partners must stay home or go out alone. If they have children, somebody else must be feeding and bathing them, putting them to bed and reading a story. Evidently, like Emma, they all, accurately, understand their employer’s demands to be non-negotiable: either you succumb to the demands of work or else …

Source: Work-life balance: why do we choose the office over family? – Telegraph


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