intercultural education 2015

Collaborative workgroups are now a basic structure of today’s workplace regardless of industry and professional level. Software such as Sharepoint, Blackboard, Basecamp, Google Docs and DropBox allow us to create sharing platforms that can be accessed by any team member anywhere, any time. Beyond the technology, today’s workforce is also far more diverse than even a generation ago. As such, team members are likely to have widely disparate cultural, ethnic, religious, political and gender differences. Public urban campuses that possess highly diverse student bodies, such as The City College of New York, provide excellent previews of the makeup of the 21st century workforce. Daily campus interactions with fellow students and faculty representing all demographics enable students to develop understanding and tolerances that make for a harmonious and, consequently, more productive esprit de corps.

via College Life and the “Intangibles” That Will Get You a Job | Lisa S. Coico.

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