Desertion and esprit de corps

The findings show that ‘belief in war aims’ i.e. the soldier’s belief in the overall aim of the war was the most important factor with 77% of respondents attesting to this as the single most important factor in managing fear and by implication, tendency for desertion. Others are ‘leadership’ i.e. confidence in military chain of command with 49%, ‘training’ i.e. how confident a soldier was in the training he received with 45%, ‘material’ i.e. quality of weapons with 42%, ‘information’ i.e. knowledge of tactical environment with 38%, ‘primary group: Esprit de corps’ i.e. feelings of pride, fellowship and common loyalty shared by soldiers with 28%, ‘understanding and control of fear’ i.e. the soldier’s own mental toughness with 23% and ‘hatred of the enemy’ with 21%. The recession or absence of these factors translates to low morale which prompts higher rates of desertion.

via What Experts Say About Desertion In The Military – Nigerian News from Leadership Newspapers.


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